In addition to the scarves and brooches, TOVMASYAN offers elegant wooden boxes of refined quality. The luxurious woods beech, walnut burl and wild pear have been carefully chosen to form our unique boxes.


Regardless of their size, TOVMASYAN boxes are just as special as the creations housed within them. Skilled craftsmen spend an enormous amount of time matching pieces of wood like a mosaic to construct each one.

The craftsmen follow traditional ways of wood elaboration, leaving the wood in flowing or still water (depending on the type of the wood) for up to a year, followed by a drying process that can last up to another seven to eight months. This is the most crucial stage, as it contributes the most to the final lasting effect, and even the slightest mistake during this time can destroy the work itself.
The actual construction of the boxes from previously treated wood elements can take up to another two months. An average of 25 layers of varnish are applied to produce a perfectly polished and shining surface.