provides customization services for already existing products and at the same time creates accessories made-to-order.

Because TOVMASYAN accessories are entirely handmade, the design, size, materials and colours of each order can be easily adapted to the buyer’s wish and budget.

We are ready to transform your ideas and dreams into wearable, personal works of art.
How does it work?

1. Contact us by any means of communication and describe your dream to us.

2. In a very short time, we will contact you to clarify every single detail (choice of material, techniques, size, colour(s), deadline, shipping and payment conditions, etc.)

3. Before starting the process of creation, you will receive the computerized version of your order for a better visualization. For jewellery we create a prototype from less precious materials, free of charge, before bringing the order to life. It gives you a better understanding of the final result and also provides you a replica for everyday use.

4. As soon as you give us your approval, production starts.

5. Based on the size of the budget and the level of project difficulty, it is possible a pre-payment may be required.

6. With the finished product we offer you a guarantee of quality and the preservation of your ownership rights.