TOVMASYAN is the family name of the founder of TOVMASYAN handmade accessories. Throughout the centuries this family exists thanks to a strong respect for traditions and culture. Love, devotion, trust and respect are indestructible links that tie the members of the family together. These values are also reflected in their business activities.


The name TOVMASYAN consists of two parts: “TOVMAS” and “YAN”. TOVMAS is a masculine name and characterizes “someone who goes beyond his primary ideas”. He is very imaginative, dreams a lot and likes making those dreams come true. YAN is a suffix that means “child of” ...


TOVMASYAN has created a strong platform where talents and exceptional tastes meet. At first TOVMASYAN finds specialists who are the best in their fields, then in collaboration with these gifted professionals the designs and ideas of TOVMASYAN come to life.


In this pleasant and respectful environment, the TOVMASYAN team creates artworks to supplement their clients’ collections of personal accessories and interior decoration objects. TOVMASYAN creations are timeless. They appear both perfectly modern and at the same time steeped in history. They are also durable. For example, TOVMASYAN wooden boxes can last 10 times longer than the age of the tree they were made from.


There is a story behind the creation of almost every piece. And like every piece of art, it must be maintained properly to retain its value. For these reasons certain TOVMASYAN pieces come with a certificate of authenticity and a book detailing the best way to look after it.